About Us

YouRulz™ is a cutting edge fantasy sports platform built to provide users with long desired improvements that give users a true custom experience.


Why We Are Better

We have created a feature set that is unmatched in the industry today, with features such as ingame substitutions allowing users to swap players during games just like the coach on the field. With an issued patent (PTO#10737182), these features cannot be duplicated by our competition (without penalty) and will drive our customer acquisition strategy. The company is working to add more features with added dynasty league settings, additional interactive features in the application, and  partnerships with data providers to offer more statistics and projections in one location than any of our competitors – creating that true unique user experience.


The Massive Industry We Serve

The Fantasy Sports market is a booming industry that continues to see rapid growth both in the number of users and in the dollar amount spent per user. 

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association reports that an estimated 59 million people played fantasy sports and had an average spend of $656 per year.


Even with such an explosive market, there has been little innovation and the existing systems have remained stagnant and outdated. Users desire more customization, more real-life features, and more control. They want to be the “Coach” and not just the General Manager. YouRulz delivers on these desires by providing features such as In-Game Substitutions. With a system developed from the ground up and powered by the infrastructure of Amazon AWS, we can and will deliver the most powerful and stable system on the market today.


The YouRulz Target Markets / Sports and Players

In addition to the standard American Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey, YouRulz plans to explore underserved sports markets such as motorsports, e-sports, and the Olympics as well as international sports coverage with football (soccer), cricket, Aussie football, rugby, professional lacrosse, and others currently in discussions.

YouRulz was designed to target all types of players in an effort to maximize monetization of the system. To this effort we offer three types leagues in the system:

Free Leagues are free to play and offer all of the features that our competitors offer. These leagues generate revenue through advertising within the platform.
Premium Leagues have all of the features of the free leagues while adding our differentiator features such as In-Game Substitutions, Points for Pass Interference, and more. These leagues have a small fee per user, but allow the user to join as many leagues as they desire for the one time subscription fee.
Pay Leagues have all of the features of the Premium Leagues but off the users the ability to collect league dues and set payouts directly in the system. In these leagues YouRulz takes 10% of the league dues, and we also generate interest income on the funds we hold until the end of the season until the paid out.


The multiple options on league types provide a way for users to try the YouRulz system at no risk and progress to more competitive game play as they feel comfortable.


The YouRulz Software Platform

Our platform was developed as a modular fantasy sports system written in Laravel, with the frontend built using Bootstrap and jQuery. The core system handles authentication, registration, league membership, payments, messaging, and other high-level functionality. The modular system is built to handle individual sports and already has Football and Motorsports developed. Both of these sports modules can handle multiple leagues within each sport with little customization necessary and can be leveraged as the base for other sports such as Basketball in the future. The system is built with load balancing and fail over redundancy to ensure maximum performance and uptime for our customers.