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Are you looking for more advanced game play than the Free leagues offer? A Premimum Subscription will provide you with access to all of the great features of YouRulz. Once you subscribe, you will be able to create or join leagues that have these Premium features available.

In-Game Substitutions

With In-Game Substitutions, you can swap out an active player with a player on your bench any time during the game. Whether your active player was injured, ejected, or is simply not having a good day, you may want to swap your players to improve your team's performance for the week. Swapping your players will allow you to retain points that Player 1 already accumulated, and begin earning points for Player 2 at the point of the swap. Take control of your team and have the power of the coach.

Points for Pass Interference

Are you tired of watching the team on TV and seeing them moving 40 yards down the field after a pass interference call where your receiver was mugged? The team got credit for the pass, but in your fantasy league, you got 0 points. This could be the difference between winning and losing your game this week. With Points for Pass Interference both the passer and receiver will be awarded the points for the yardage as if the pass was completed.

Automatic Player Replacement

Did you miss the last minute change to a player's status and now you get a big fat 0 for the week? With Automatic Player Replacement, you no longer have to worry. You set your backups for each position, and if a starter is changed to Out, the system can automatically move your 2nd string player to Active. You no longer have to lose your game because you were distracted for a few minutes before game time.

Create Custom Public Leagues

Do you want to setup a custom league, but also want to allow the general public to join? With a Premium Subscription you can create Public Leagues and invite your friends to the same league. This is a great way to not only play against your friends, but also increase the competition in your league.

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