YouRulz is creating a first of its kind rewards program for Fantasy Sports players.  Now, for the first time ever, you can get rewarded just for playing your favorite fantasy sport!  YouRewards is being created with many ways to reward its users and many ways to utilize those rewards as payment for items on the system.  The YouRewards system is based on the newly minted "YR" Tokens.  Another first in the fantasy world, the "YR" Tokens are a Polygon Matic-based (ERC20-compatible) token.  This means that you will soon be able to trade/exchange tokens outside of the YouRulz environment on various crypto exchanges.


YouRewards Vision


YouRulz is creating the YouRewards program to offer rewards to our users for many actions they take on the system.  Here are several of the rewards we plan to offer:

  • Inaugural Season Signup – 1 Token Reward
  • Join a League
    • Free League – 0.5 Token Reward
    • Premium League – 1 Token Reward
  • Fill League – Reward to Commissioner
    • Free Leagues (Public or Private)
      • Less than 10 teams – 0.5 Token Reward
      • 10+ Teams – 1 Token Reward
    • Premium League (Public or Private)
      • Less than 10 teams – 1 Token Reward
      • 10+ teams – 1.5 Token Reward
  • Public League
    • Create and join a free public league – 0.10 Token Reward
    • Create and join a premium public league – 0.25 Token Reward
  • League Winner
    • Free League – 1 Token Reward
    • Premium League – 2 Token Reward


YR Token Utilization


As part of the creation of both the YouRewards program, and the "YR" Token, we are working to add the ability to pay for products and services on the YouRulz site with the "YR" Tokens.  Here are just a few of the ways we plan to use them on the site in the future.

  • Pay for your Premium League Subscription
  • Use them for league dues in Pay Leagues
  • Purchase merchandise such as trophies
  • Purchase NFT league player cards and custom league trophies


To learn more about the "YR" Token or to read the "YR" Token Whitepaper, YR Token Website.


* YouRewards is still in the development stage and all items discussed on this page are subject to change without notice.

YouRewards Terms & Conditions