The structure of your fantasy roster is critical and is part of what makes your league unique.  An unlimited variety of sizes, starters, and flex options are available.  The roster options are as follows:




Number of Players/Draft Rounds

The number of rounds, which is also the number of players per team in non-dynasty leagues, is calculated from the position limits and bench limit in the following options.

Default:  16


Injured Reserve Players

Default: 2


Bench Players

Default: 6


Bench Players (Pre-Trim)

This option allows for the expansion of rosters that can originally be drafted, but must be cut back at a pre-determined date before the season begins.  This feature is designed primarily for Dynasty Leagues, but could be used for any league.

Default: 0


Trim Date

Used only when pre-trim bench players is set higher than 0.  This is the date when the expanded rosters will be trimmed by the system to set levels if the user has not manually trimmed their roster.





Default: 1


Running Back

Default: 2


Wide Receiver

Default: 3


Tight End

Default: 1



Default: 1



Default: 1



Default: 1


Flex Type

Options:  WR/RB - WR/RB/TE – WR/RB/QB – WR/RB/TE/QB 

Default: WR/RB/TE


IDP (Individual Defensive Player)

If IDP is used, all defensive players will be eligible to fill this slot, similar to a defensive flex player. Additionally, specific defensive positions (DL, LB, DB) will not be used, even if their roster limits are specified.

Default: 0


Defensive Players

Defensive Players allows more flexibility over the IDP option.  In an effort to simplify the Defensive Players, YouRulz has grouped them into 3 “positions”.  Defensive Line, Linebacker, and Defensive Back.  A players official position designation will determine which position they can be placed in.


Defensive Line

Default: 0



Default: 0


Defensive Back

Default: 0