How teams play each other, how playoffs are structured, trade options, and waiver options can all be found here, as well as the unique YouRulz options (Pass Interference Scoring, Automatic Player Replacement, and In-Game Substitutions).  The league options are as follows:




League Format

Options:  Head to Head / Points Only / Points Only With H2H Playoffs

  • Head to Head Leagues involve two teams playing each other each week in order to determine a winner or loser via total points.  Standings are kept, and the winningest teams at the end of the season advance to the playoffs. 
  • Points Only Leagues involve ranking teams based on their total statistical performances in individual scoring categories.  The higher a team performs in a category, the more points they are awarded.  At the end of the season, the team with the highest overall points across all categories is the champion.
  • Points Only with Head to Head Playoffs leagues involve determining the top teams via the Points Only system, but putting those top teams against each other in a Head to Head format to end the season to determine a champion.  



Leagues have the option to place teams into divisions. In these leagues, the division champions will be awarded playoff spots, even if a non-division-winning team has a better overall record.


Starting Week

The week of the NFL season that your league will begin.


Cannot Cut Draft Rounds

Set to a number of draft rounds. Players selected in this round or earlier will not be able to be cut throughout the season.  



Playoff Weeks

The selected weeks during the NFL season when your fantasy playoffs will take place.  

Options:  None / Week 16 & 17 (4 teams) / Week 17 & 18 (4 teams) / Week 15, 16 & 17 (6 teams) / Week 16, 17 & 18 (6 teams) / Week 15, 16 & 17 (8 teams) / Week 16, 17 & 18 


Playoff Tie-Breaker

Options:  Higher Seed Wins / Best Regular Season Record vs Opponent 


Playoff Seeding

Options:  All Teams By Overall Standings / Division Winners Awarded Top Playoff / Division Winners Advance but Seeded by Overall Standings 


Playoff Re-Seeding

Playoff re-seeding adjusts the second or third-round matchups so that the highest seeded team plays the lowest ranked team.



Max Acquisitions Per Season

The total number of allowed acquisitions per season.  


Max Acquisitions Per Week

The total number of allowed acquisitions per week.  


Trade Deadline

The date all trades have to be completed by during the season.  


Trade Review

If checked, the commissioner will review all trades. If unchecked, the team owners will vote on the trade.


Trade Reject Time

The amount of time allowed for rejection of a trade.  


Waiver Time 

The amount of days to process the weekly waivers.  


Allow trading draft picks

This setting only applies to keeper and dynasty leagues.


Waiver Type

Options:  Reverse Standings / Blind Bidding / Reverse Waiver-Continual Rolling / First Come

Blind bidding has a tie breaker of reverse standings. Reverse waiver is reverse draft and then each waiver pickup moves to last priority.


Waiver Budget

Total season budget that applies only to the Blind Bidding waivers option.  


Waiver Type Tiebreaker

Options:  Continual Rolling / First Come / Reverse Standings

Used only for Blind Bidding ties.


Waiver Setting

Options:  Beginning of First Game of Week / Beginning of Players Game / End of Players Game / End of Last Game of the Week / None

  • Select Beginning of First Game of Week to set all players to waiver at the start of the first game of the NFL week. 
  • Select Beginning of Players Game to set players to waiver at the start of their particular NFL game of the week.
  • Select End of Players Game to set players to waiver at the end of their particular NFL game of the week.
  • Select End of Last Game of the Week to set players to waiver after the final NFL game of the week.
  • Select None to allow players to remain free agents all the time.



Fractional Scoring

If checked, scores are not rounded and partial points can be earned.


Pass Interference Scoring

If checked, points will be earned by both the passer and the receiver if the opposing team commits a PI penalty on the play.  Points are awarded based on the yardage awarded in the penalty.




Automatic Player Replacement 

If checked, backups will automatically replace injured players, either before or during games.  Backups are set by you for each position, and if a starter is officially changed to Out, the system will automatically move your backup player to Active. 


Automatic Player Replacement Only Pregame

If checked, backups will only automatically replace injured players before the games begin.




In-Game Subs

If checked, allows swapping of players during live games.  With In-Game Substitutions, you can swap out an active player with a player on your bench any time during the game. Whether your active player was injured, ejected, or is simply not having a good day, you may want to swap your players to improve your team's performance for the week. Swapping your players will allow you to retain points that Player 1 already accumulated, and begin earning points for Player 2 at the point of the swap.


In-Game Sub Cooldown (in minutes)

The number of minutes between each in-game sub allowed. If left blank, there will be no cooldown enforced.


In-Game Sub Limit

The maximum number of swaps allowed in a game.  If left blank, unlimited swaps are allowed.