Every league has a vision as to how their draft should be conducted.  Some prefer online only, while others like to get together with their fellow owners in person.  YouRulz has created a unique draft room that can be used for both Online and Offline drafts.  In an online draft for public leagues, the draft starts at the set time and if the user does not make a selection at the end of his allotted time, the system will autopick that round.  In private leagues, although the draft is still based on the timer, the Commissioner has the ability to pause the draft, reverse a selection, etc.  Offline drafts can be done in the same draft room as Online drafts, however the commissioner makes all of the picks.  The other users can see the draft room as it updates in real time just like an online draft, however the timer will not force an autopick when it runs down, as the Commissioner is in control.  The draft options are as follows:



Date and Time

The date and time you want your draft to take place.  



Options:  Standard / Auction

Standard Drafts function like NFL drafts, where each team selects a player in a pre-determined order.  Auction Drafts involve all teams bidding against each other on individual players and filling their rosters using an equal pot of “money” for each owner.  



Options:  Snake / Straight Round

Snake Drafts involve having the last team who picks in the round also become the first team to pick in the following round, which then works backwards. Straight Round Drafts are when the pre-determined draft order is repeated for each round, i.e. the same team picks 1st in every round.



Options:  Online / Offline

Online Drafts are done completely online with timed blocks for each pick.  Offline Drafts can be performed over a longer period of time, with the Commissioner entering the rosters manually with untimed picks. This is ideal for leagues in which the owners meet and have a draft in person.



The number of seconds allotted for each pick to be made in online drafts.  


Keeper League

Keeper Leagues allow the commissioner to assign players to teams ahead of the draft.  Once the draft begins, the Keeper players will already be assigned to each team’s roster and removed off the list of available players.  Keeper Leagues can be used for setting rosters both for Keeper and Dynasty leagues.