Pairing Odell Beckham Jr. with Tom Brady is like Superman and Batman teaming up and quite frankly, it should be illegal.  We already saw what the Brady Arm can do with likes of Mike Evans, Antonio Brown and Chris Godwin (who was just slapped with the franchise tag).  Never happy with the way things are, Brady seems invested in a Super Bowl repeat with the hardest wideout group in football (explaining his interest in Beckham).  Winning Super Bowls has become typical for Brady and stacking his odds for success is his forte – it’s just what Brady does.   


Salary cap issues may make this situation improbable, but what do I know?  If the Bucs decide to sever ties with free agent Antonio Brown, credit should go out to Brady for having the foresight to attempt to recruit Beckham.  The possible acquisition of Beckham certainly doesn’t guarantee a Super Bowl repeat, but it does look good on paper for the novice football fans; it’s like theater of the mind.


What does this mean for us fantasy football fanatics?  As of right now, I’m all caught up with galvanizing flashbacks of Tom Brady’s glory days with the Patriots when he collaborated with HOF WR Randy Moss for a season I can only describe as a non-stop highlight reel.  Unfortunately, that season ended with a Super bowl loss to Eli Manning’s Giants.


Terrance Freeman