What’s up YouRulz fantasy football fanatics?  It’s your man about sports Terrance Freeman with my take on who has the biggest advantages in the upcoming Super Bowl and there's no sure thing in this one.

With Super Bowl LV just two weeks away, a few of my constituents have been pressing me hard to get my take on the outcome of what is being speculated as the biggest sporting event in what has been somewhat of a let-down year in sports due to COVID-19 restrictions.

I rarely find myself at loss for words or lacking at least a general opinion on a sports conversation.  I take pride in saying what I say and during a normal sports year I'm pretty much on track with whatever outcome is conjured up in most games.  But this year, like no other, has left me speechless.  This year is that one year out of 20 where the “sure thing” factor has been removed from the big game.  

SURE the Bucs are hosting Super Bowl Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.  SURE the Bucs won’t have to do any traveling or temporarily adjust their practice schedule due to them being the first ever Super Bowl team that’s actually playing at home.

BUT with those Pros come the Cons.

One of those Cons for the Bucs will be media week, where Hollywood meets the NFL's modest Super Bowl participants, where players are forced to intermingle with celebrities, media, and fans.  It's unavoidable for the home team.  However, with this year’s addition of COVID-19 restrictions, teams that usually arrive in the host city a week ahead of time will now not be allowed to enter Tampa until two days prior to the game.  In short, the Kansas City Chiefs won’t be allowed to travel to Tampa until February 5th.

The advantage here goes to the first ever Super Bowl home team as far as pre game preparation and not having to travel BUT they still have to attend some media week events.  The Chiefs DO NOT have to attend ANY media week gatherings.   So MAYBE the advantage goes to the Chiefs after all.  THIS is what I meant by there’s no sure thing in this upcoming battle.  

My head hurts.